Wine Pairing

Erica, the baking sorceress in the kitchen, discovered her baked goods paired excellently with wines from the beginning. She began consulting with local wine experts to help her develop a product line of biscotti that were specifically designed to pair well with the flavor notes of wines.

Wine pairing is more of an art than a science. What tastes good to you, may not the be the pairing for someone else. In general, a wine should compliment the prevailing taste of the food – not fight it. For that reason, pastries, which are predominately sweet, should be matched with a sweeter wine. Too sweet, it will overwhelm the pastry. Too acidic or dry, it will contrast too strongly. Following are some general suggestions when pairing wines with our products. The references section has links to several wonderful online articles on the topic.


Our biscotti are made with organic flours, fruits, chocolate and nuts. Our couverature is made with E. Guittard chocolate.

Biscotti – Wine Pairings
Biscotti Flavor Recommended Wine
Bittersweet or Semi-sweet Chocolates Bordeaux, Cabernet Sauvigon, Cognac/Armagnac, Merlot, Orange Muscat, Twany Port Ruby Port, Shiraz, Zinfandel
Milk Chocolate Hungarian Tokaji, Mas Amiel Rouge & V Blanc, Muscat/Moscato, Twany Port
White Chocolate Champagne, Gewurtztraminer, Mas Amiel Vintage B, Muscat/Moscato, Reisling
Fruit Banuyels, Cabernet Sauvigon, Madiera, Merlot, Ruby Port
Nuts Brachetto D’Acqui, Cabernet Sauvigon, Mas Amiel Rouge & V Blanc, Sherry, Tawny PortNote: Pistachio pairs with Sauternes
Key Lime Sauvignon Blanc, Riesling, Muscat, Chardonnay, Bordeaux, tequila, margaritas, Sancerre

Rumours East Wine Bar

At our Wine/Biscotti Pairing Event at Nashville’s own Rumours East Wine Bar in hip 5-points area of East Nashville, the following pairing was created by Adam Binder (Rumours East Mgr, Bartender)

Biscotti – Wine Pairings at Rumours East
Biscotti Flavor Recommended Wine
Blueberry Pistachio Raza Dolce Torrontes
Chocolate Almond Tramin Pinot Bianco
Cherry Spice Parallele 45
Hazelnut Cockburn’s 10yr Port


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