Our Ingredients

We are proud of the quality and taste of our products. Look at the ingredients . You’ll see we use high quality flour, organic butter, natural extracts, nuts, organic and dried fruits.

Our Dark Chocolate

In our ingredient list we specifically state that we use E. Guittard ® chocolate. We searched for a chocolate that met our standards without being so expensive that we could not create a price point to make it affordable. We want to ensure the perfect sheen and snap when broken. We accomplish this by doing our own tempering. This requires a chocolate with high cocoa percentage, and a temperature/humidity controlled environment. We think you’ll find that E. Guittard was a good choice.

White Chocolate

We use E. Guittard® white chocolate as a couverture for our Gingerbread Spice Snap, and  Key Lime biscotti. Key Lime is a summer flavor.

Our Flour

You’ll also notice in each ingredient list we specifically state that we use King Arthur® flour. King Arthur is milled to specific standards. Visit their web site. While they are not certified organic, they use wheat that is grown without pesticides, and their flours are additive and preservative-free.

Local is Better!

We prefer to use local produce grown from our neighbors. The produce is fresher and because the growers are our neighbors, we can ensure the quality of the ingredients. Local is also better for the environment. Our neighbors are just down the road, so much less oil is consumed through shipping.

When available, we choose local.